AddReg 1.0

AddReg is now in final release!
Release date: 22 Mar 1999

What is AddReg?

      AddReg is a small utility you include with your setup program. When included, AddReg will automatically load your add-in in Excel as a part of the installation process. And when your users uninstall your add-in, AddReg will unload the add-in from Excel as well. All this is done without your users going through the motion of manual loading and unloading of your add-in.

      AddReg works for Excel95 onwards (including Excel 2000) and in Windows95 onwards. Unfortunately, AddReg does not work in Windows NT.

Why use AddReg?

      The problem with Excel is that there isn't any easy way to automatically load your add-in directly. Usually after installations, your users must load the add-in themselves. Of course, you could include something like an install worksheet, containing a small code that will load the add-in with a push of a button, or something similar. But isn't this still the same as manual loading?

      AddReg is really about giving your add-in installations a more polished and professional look. AddReg does this loading and unloading activities automatically during setups and uninstallations. AddReg is independent of the setup program you use.

Who should use AddReg?

      AddReg is really catered for programmers who have a little experience in manipulating the Windows Registry, and who are comfortable using setup programs.

What's new in ver. 1.0?

      AddReg is no longer in beta version! Version 1.0 fixes most problems in previous beta versions.

  • Further improved documentation so now it is much easier to digest :)
  • Multiple loading or unloading of add-in for users with multiple Excel versions installed
  • AddReg.dat data file is now obsolete! This has made using AddReg much simpler. The location of "AddReg" value name is now specified in the command line argument of AddReg.exe.

changes in ver 1.0 (beta 3)

  • Improved documentation since reading it is so vital to using AddReg
  • Error messages and brief explanations are displayed when AddReg cannot load / unload your add-in.
  • Bug fixed: Run-time libraries are statically linked; previously, if you did not have the DLL files, AddReg fails to run. This fix has made AddReg.exe increase in file size. Sorry but this was necessary.

Download AddReg

       Full documentation is included in the zipped file. Oh yes, did I mention AddReg is freeware?

AddReg ver. 1.0    download (86k)

Problems, Suggestions, Comments?

      I appreciate feedback from users. I can be contacted best by email. My special thanks goes to Dennis Wallentin (and friends) for his patient testing of AddReg. Do visit his web page for some free Excel add-ins!

updated: 23-May-2001