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Soil texture programs
T R I A N G L E - A Program For Soil Textural Classification
By Aris Gerakis and Brian Baer
Has the USDA and Austrian schemes.
Spreadsheet macro to determine USDA soil textural subclasses
By Johan Liebens
A bit crude but it is simple enough.
The Pedosphere and its Dynamics: Soil Texture Triangle
By N.G. Juma
Has the USDA and Canadian schemes, but they ignore border cases.


Charting programs
TriXcel (in French)
By Julien Furrer
An excellent and FREE Excel add-in to draw triangle charts. Click here for my modified (and translated) version.
TriDraw (Windows; shareware)
By Jose I. Hualde
Another excellent program to draw triangle charts.
Ternary Plot (Macintosh; shareware)
By Pierre A. Zippi
DeltaGraph (Windows; commercial)
A heavy-duty charting program that draws, among other graph types, triangle charts.


Sites that link to TAL
Issue Nov. 14, 99
TAL is their top 10 most downloaded program!
A Compendium of On-Line Soil Survey Information Computer Programs
By D G Rossiter
The World of Soils
By Fred Moor
Soils of Arid Regions of the U.S. and Israel
By the International Arid Lands Consortium
Directory of Resources for Computer Based Learning in Land Use and Environmental Sciences
By the Centre for Land Use and Environmental Sciences, Uni. of Aberdeen
Software Links
By the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, N.Z.
By RuralNet, Australia
Grass, Hay, Pasture Forage Links
By Angus Association
Modelbase Resources
By Masayuki Hirafuji
The Farming Connection
By The Sioux City Journal

Science : General Resources
By StudyWeb

By Horst M. Vogel
West Virginia Association of Professional Soil Scientists
(also in the Mountain Profiles newsletter; vol 22, no 2, Apr. 00)
By Doug Boyer
Soil Science
By Fac. of Nat. Res., Prince of Songkla Uni., Thailand
Agriculture Systems Modeling
By Spatialhydrology.com

Interesting scientific utilities/websites
By Jerzy Weber

By E.J. Inglis-Arkell
Pagina dei links
By Centro Nazionale di Cartografia Pedologica
Soil wide Web
By Association of Italian Pedologists
Soil Links
By Vo-Tong Anh, College of Agric., Cantho Uni., Vietnam
Geomorphology, Glaciology & Quaternary Web Links
By T.A. Brennand


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