Latest version (21 Aug. 02) - ver. 4.2
And still free!

What is TAL for Windows?

    Texture AutoLookup (TAL) for Windows is a program to determine soil texture classes based on 13 (yes, 13!) soil classification schemes:

  1. USDA (U.S. Dept. of Agric.)
  2. UK (England and Wales)
  3. Canada
  4. International
  5. India
  6. ISSS (Intl. Soil Sci. Soc.)
  7. Switzerland
  8. INEAC (Inst. Nat. pour L'Etude Agron. du Congo)
  9. New Zealand
  10. FAO (Food and Agric. Org.)
  11. AISNE (France)
  12. KA4 (Germany)
  13. Shepard's (1954) proposed scheme

    In addition, TAL supports custom (user-defined) schemes, can handle large data sets, and has file I/O and charting capabilities. In addition, it also has Range Lookup; for example, listing all texture classes for 30 to 50% clay and 20 to 50% sand.

    TAL for Windows was written in the C++ language, and its user interface by using the MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) library. TAL for Windows was compiled using Visual C++ 6.0 SP5.

See how TAL for Windows looks like!

What's new in version 4.2?

Changes in ver. 4.2 - Aug. 02

  • New feature: Now supports axis names (i.e., names of the primary particles), no more the generic names of "x", "y" and "z". Because of this support, the format of the scheme definition files have changed slightly, and that old scheme definition files are no longer compatible with TAL for Windows ver. 4.2 onwards.
  • Program window is now larger.

Changes in ver. 4.01 - Apr. 01

  • New feature: Users can insert or delete an entire row in the grid.
  • New feature: Moving the mouse pointer within the chart gives the chart coordinates. Also added the support of the right mouse button in the chart.
  • Axes labels now include 0% and 100%, and changed the positioning of the axes titles.

Changes in ver. 4.0 - Mar. 01

  • New feature: Charting capabilities added. Charts can be re-sized, copied to clipboard, saved to file, or printed.
  • New feature: TAL now supports custom (user-defined) soil classification schemes. In addition, TAL now supports a total of 11 major soil classification schemes.
  • Improved: Navigating the cells in the grid is now easier and more intuitive.
  • Added a "Sample ID" column to the grid. This column is for the id of soil samples.
  • Bug fixed in printing: Printing the data set in the grid produces a "scrambled-looking" output. This has been fixed.

See previous changes


1. Before you download ...

    TAL for Windows is provided as is, without any expressed or implied warranty. TAL is free, but please read the license in the provided documents before you use TAL.

    If you are not planning to subscribe to TAL's mailing list, I would greatly appreciate it if you would email to me that you are downloading TAL. Lots of people have downloaded TAL without informing me; is this too much to ask for a free cool product? email me

    Please let me know the following information: 1) name, 2) profession, 3) organisation, and 4) how you heard about TAL. These information are for my personal reference only; they will not be shared or distributed.

email cbsteh@yahoo.com

2. Get the file now...

    Version 4.2 works in Windows95 and above only (including Windows XP).

Full setup
TAL for Windows 4.2
Important: Please uninstall your current TAL for Windows before installing this new version.
download talwin42.zip (1.2 Mb)

    The above files are compressed as .zip archives. To decompress them, you can use Winzip or Pkzip programs that are widely available. Once decompressed, read the readme.txt file for installation instructions.

What's being planned?

  • Greater chart customisations.
  • Add the Netherlands soil scheme -- will someone give me the chart, please?


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