Old versions

    If you are using Lotus 123, or older versions of Excel (v. 4.0, 5.0, and Excel95), you can still use Texture AutoLookup (TAL) to determine soil texture classes. However, these older versions of TAL only support the USDA scheme. Further development for these programs has also ceased.


    Please ensure you get the correct TAL file for the spreadsheet type and version you are using. You can check your spreadsheet version by the menu commands Help|About. The versions for TAL below are ver. 1.0b.

TAL for Lotus 123 download tal-wk.zip (67 k)
Excel version
version 4.0 download tal-xl4.zip (57 k)
version 5.0 and Excel95 download tal-xl5.zip (57 k)

    The file is compressed as a .zip archive. To decompress it, you can use Winzip or Pkzip programs that are widely available. Once decompressed, read the readme.txt file for installation instructions.


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  updated: 12-Feb-2001