1. Project leader. “An irrigation system for oil palm by harvesting rainfall via stemflow and storing the rainwater in semi-buried porous bins”; Skim Geran Penyelidikan Pembangunan Prototaip (Prototype Research Grant Scheme) (PRGS); 2019-2021; PRGS/1/2019/WAB01/UPM/02/1; RM81,000.
  2. Project leader. "Flexible learning of the science of crop growth through the development of an Android mobile app for agriculture students in today’s Internet 4.0 age"; Geran Insentif Penyelidikan dalam Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran (Incentive Grants Research of Teaching and Learning) (GIPP); 2017-20; GIPP 9323724; RM12,000.
  3. Project co-researcher. "Economic implication of global climate change on Malaysia palm oil production and exports”; FGRS; 2013-15; FRGS/2/2013/SS07/UKM/01/1; RM70,000.
  4. Project leader. "Development of a spreadsheet software for students who are non-computer programmers to build and run mathematical models"; Geran Insentif Penyelidikan dalam Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran (Incentive Grants Research of Teaching and Learning) (GIPP); 2012-14; GIPP/9323614; RM14,000.
  5. Project leader. “The use of silt pits in non-terraced hill slopes to conserve soil nutrients and to reduce water stress in oil palm trees”; Sciencefund MOSTI; 2012-14; 06-01-04-SF1430; RM95,000.
  6. Project leader. “Predicting the impact of the expected climate change in Malaysia on the growth and yield of some leafy vegetable crops”; Research University Grant Scheme (RUGS); 2009-11; 01-01-09-0692RU; RM65,000.
  7. Project co-researcher. “Infiltration under oil palm plantation: Heterogeneities from canopy to interspace”; UTM Research University Grant Scheme (RUGS); 2011-12; Q.J130000.7122.00J98; RM40,000.
  8. Project co-researcher. “Mechanism of vertical water movement under oil palm plantation during and after rainfall”; UTM Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS); 2011-12; J13000078224F077; RM36,000.
  9. Project co-researcher. “Development of pedotransfer functions for Malaysian soils”; UTM Short Term Research Grant - Foreign Academic Visitor Fund; 2011-12; .J130000772240049; RM30,000.
  10. Project leader. “Rainfall interception by various tree canopy types estimated from leaf area index and gross rainfall only”; Fundamental IPTA UPM; 2009-11; 01-09-09-680FR; RM36,000.
  11. Project leader. “Estimating the impact of climate change on oil palm growth and yield in Malaysia: The next 40 years”; Agriculture R&D Sciencefund Grant (Ministry of Agriculture, MOA); 2009-11; 05-01-04-SF1098; RM147,000.
  12. Project leader. "To develop a sustainable practice to protect and manage soil fertility and water conservation for steepland oil palm"; 2006-08; IRPA RMK9; 05-01-04-SF0632; RM118,997.
  13. Project leader. "Optimal fertiliser rates and time of application for oil palm grown in tropical peatland"; 2006-08; IRPA RMK9; No. 05-01-04-SF0633; RM 134,993.
  14. Project leader. “A biochemical, process-based approach to model the canopy photosynthesis and flowering cycle of oil palm”; 2007-09; Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FGRS); 05-10-07-369FR; RM48,000.
  15. Project leader. "How the oil palm captures solar radiation and ways to optimise its capture for increased crop growth rate and yield"; Yayasan FELDA; 2004-07; RM100,000.
  16. Project leader. "Modelling the oil palm growth and its microclimate environment"; IRPA EAR RMK8; No. 01-02-04-0686-EA001; 2003-06; RM131,500.
  17. Project leader. "Determining how soil aggregates break down with time and the factors that affect the aggregate break down rate"; UPM Fundamental research; No. 03-07-03-065J; 2004-05; RM34,500.
  18. Project leader. “Three-dimensional rendering of intercropping vegetation cover and modelling its radiation regime and evapotranspiration”; UPM New Lecturer Research Scheme; No. 53102; 2002-03; RM10,000.


Research grants from the industry

  1. Project leader. “Optimal fertilizer rates and their time of application for peat land oil palm”; 2015-19; Ta Ann Plantation Sdn. Bhd.; RM35,000.
  2. Project leader. “Potential use of a Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge (SW204) and a Spent Active Carbon (SW411) as a soil conditioner and to increase plant growth”; 2016-17; CJ Bio Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.; RM23,850.
  3. Project leader. “Mucuna bracteata as a potential resource under oil palm”; 2014-16; Advanced Agroecological Research Sdn. Bhd.; RM30,000.
  4. Project leader. “Evaluating the effectiveness of irrigation systems for use in rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) nurseries”; 2014-15; Humibox Sdn. Bhd.; RM15,000.
  5. Project leader. “Analysis of oil drilling wastes and their suitability as a soil amendment and plant fertilizer”; 2006-08. KMC Oiltools Overseas (M) Limited. Level 11, One Catherdal Square, Port Louis, Mauritius. Branch office: KL; USD8,745 (approx. RM35,000).


  1. Research Theme Associate for Crops for the Future Research Centre (CFFRC), The Uni. of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus, Semenyih. 2014-present.
  2. Council member of the Gerson Lehrman Group Councils, 301 Congress Avenue, Suite 900, Austin, Texas 78701, US. 2007-present.
  3. Member of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Project for the development of soil pedons within UPM campus at Serdang and Puchong. CSR project for the Faculty of Agriculture, UPM by the Applied Agricultural Resources Sdn. Bhd. and Param Agricultural Soil Surveys (M) Sdn. Bhd. 3 April 2017 to 31 Dec. 2024.
  4. Contracted to write white/working paper (technical report) “Use of palm oil residues as fertilizer or mulch in Indonesia” for International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). 2015-16.
  5. Research adviser for “The effects of pulverized oil palm trunk material as a mulch for improving soil fertility”. 2013-15. Trunk Busters Sdn. Bhd.
  6. Research adviser on the calibration and test of soil moisture meter. 2009-10. MEMS/NEMS cluster in MIMOS.
  7. Research adviser for “Runoff losses and effect of compaction on the growth and yield of oil palm”. United Plantations Sdn. Bhd. 2005.