Old News

28 Feb. 01:

25 Feb. 01:

  • C++ source code for TAL is released today! Go!

21 Feb. 01:

16 Feb. 01:

14 Feb. 01:

  • Bug fixed for TAL for Windows. Latest version is 3.0a.
  • TAL website will move soon sometime in the middle of 2001. I have been increasingly frustrated by NBCi's sloooowness. Don't worry if you maintain links or bookmarks to this current site; I will still put a redirection link to TAL's new website when it moves. In the mean time, please be patient if you have to wait forever for a page to load.

12 Feb. 01:

  • TAL for Windows (formerly called TAL Calculator) version 3.0 is released today! This is a major release.
  • Major revamping of TAL's web site.

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  updated: 17-Mar-2001